The next step towards our understanding of the origin of life


In one of the previous “Hot News” I have shortly announced the most recent discovery of Naturics: the tropopause being a living shield protecting the life on the Earth. Here I am going to present several arguments strengthening this thesis. These arguments are simultaneously the next, very important step in our understanding of the origin of life on the Earth. It explains the up to now missing link between the origination of the animated matter directly from the Field of Light (with its universal quanta of matter of the size of the order of 5 nm) and the formation of the smallest independently living cells of viruses and bacteria (with their sizes of about 1 µm and larger).

Everywhere in our visible Universe, where the average “quantum” temperature (considered as being an equivalent of the corresponding quantum energy density) amounts 244.37 K (-28.78°C), the Field of Light is directly present in its clear form as a membrane separating the inanimate matter from the animated matter. A quantum of the inanimate matter originates always from the universal Field of Light, if the fluctuating universal membrane “creates” a closed cavity, a “bubble” with some higher energy density (higher “quantum” temperature) than the universal value of this density. This is only possible when the emerging bubble is not larger than the universal quantum of the Field of Light. Therefore such a new-borne quantum of the inanimate matter is always smaller than 5.07 nm in size and has its mass density lower than the universal mass density of the Field of Light (because the mass density is a reciprocal of the energy density [1]). The new inanimate particles collect together on that side of the universal membrane, where the temperature is higher than the universal temperature of -28.78°C.

A quantum of the animated matter originates also spontaneously from the same universal membrane of the Filed of Light, if its fluctuation is able to form a closed cavity, a globule larger than the universal quantum of the Field of Light. Then however, such a larger quantum can “obtain” from the Field of Light only some lower energy density, corresponding to some lower “quantum” temperature. Such a new quantum of the animated matter is still not a separately living organism of course. It constitutes just the first step in that direction however. Such new quanta could reach the sizes of 5 nm to maybe 20 nm, so we can call them nanoviroids, as the smallest objects of the animated matter, smaller than all known viruses and bacteria [2]. The optimal form of their surface (their own membrane) is not spherical but toroidal. The torus form allows them to maintain not only the energy value of every individual new quantum, but also its spin (eigenrotation) and polarization. It is the whole physical information carried by the quantum, being necessary in communication with other such quanta.

We know that the tropopause (at the height of about 10 to 15 km) is the lowest cold layer of the terrestrial atmosphere, where the average temperature decreases below the universal value of -28.78°C and reaches its minimum at about -60°C, before it rises again to several hundreds degrees and joins the conditions of the interplanetary space. Exactly that cold layer of the atmosphere collects the original nanoviroids to some equillibrium concentration, until they either locally change the conditions of the tropopause (its temperature) and stop the further “production” of the animated mater or they rain down to the Earth´s surface giving the basis for all higher developed life forms on the Earth (equally on the land and in the sea).

The nanoviroids were always there and they were always falling down to the Earth`s surface since the stable tropopause belongs to the Earth`s atmosphere. Therefore they can be found in all higher living organisms on the Earth. Our blood is just one example of the substances, where those nanoparticles of the animated matter (incorrectly called “nanobacteria”, what would suggests some larger than just a few nanometers in size and independently living organisms) can be easily observed [3]. We are taking them in our body with the air we breathe in.

The nanoviroids were probably never a stable constituent of any cosmic body falling down to the Earth and evaporating during a final collision with the Earth. We are forced to restrict the panspermia hypothesis now to the cosmic space directly at the front of our own cosmic home.

The argumentation

During two recent decades, the scientific investigation going in two main directions, and supported with several specific correlated topics, has radically changed our point of view upon the cosmic connections of our terrestrial life.

One of these main directions is the study of the mighty storms in the terrestrial ionosphere, which can be considered as a forerunner of the strongest earthquakes [“The strongest earthquakes prediction”]. The reason for this connection is the recently observed stormy flux of the cosmic energy crossing all layers of the atmosphere and reaching the Earth`s surface. Depending on its actual intensity such a cosmic “blow” can be responsible for some life-influencing phenomena:
a) the changing tension in the Earth`s crust; when the “blow” is directed on the crust region with already enhanced tension, it is able to trigger the strongest earthquakes;
b) the circular storms (like hurricanes or cyclones) are just huge tornadoes; if the world-meteorology will finally begin to observe the weather really three-dimensionally we should be able to identify and probably also to forecast every stormy vortex produced by the cosmic energy flux;
c) the rogue waves (the “monster” waves); these extraordinary high waves could appear without warning in mid-ocean or on larger lakes, against the prevailing current and wave direction, and often in perfectly clear weather[4]; according to the Naturics point of view they should be seen as the slower “sisters” of tsunamis; they originate in storms, when the energy “blow” reaches the water surface from above (and not from the bottom like in the regular tsunami case), but they are able to transport their energy far away from the stormy region.

The second main direction of the present investigation of the origin of life is the study of the Indian red-rain phenomenon [“The mystery of the Indian red rain”]. From the Naturics point of view the red rain is nothing but a stronger than usual rainfall of the assemble of nanoviroids collected previously in the tropopause. Also to that study belong some important additional observations:
a) before the individual nanoviroids have arrived the Earth`s surface in the red rain they have had formed (probably due to some previous impulses of the cosmic energy flux) the next quantum step of the matter organization – the global second (outer) membrane of the Field of Light wraps a conglomeration of many thousands or even millions of nanoviroids to a single microcell (with a toroidal form of a few µm size) observed in the red rain; this quantum extension seems to be the same quantum expansion of the system like the quantum extension of the Proto-Solar System to its present form 3.5 milliard years ago [5];
b) the red sunset and sunrise (and also the red Moon “set” and “rise”) are because the longer way of their rays through the tropopause during the “set” and “rise” phases exposes the red color of the microcells in this atmospheric layer more intensively;
c) the four gaseous planets of the Solar System have the corresponding “universal” atmospheric layer (with -28.78°C) lying increasingly deeper (under another atmospheric layers) with growing distance from the Sun; therefore the warmest atmosphere of Jupiter is red-yellow colored, that of Saturn is yellow, that of Uranus green, and the coldest of Neptune is blue [6]. Among the terrestrial planets the thin atmosphere of Mars consists almost exclusively of the “universal” layer and is thus the mostly reddish of all in the Solar System. The thick, hot atmosphere of Venus has its “universal” cold layer relatively high outside, but not at the top, and therefore it is not red but yellow.


The nanoviroids, the smallest quanta of the animated matter appear everywhere in our visible Universe where the average “quantum” temperature reaches its universal value of the Field of Light (-28.78°C). The next step of their evolution is the formation of colonies of the size of a few µm, which we can call the microcells of life. They contain still no DNA or RNA, but they have the potential necessary for the further evolution to grow and to reproduce in correspondingly high temperatures. The next step of the investigation of the origin of life should study the evolution of the microcells into viruses and bacteria.

[1] compare our menu-point “The Unified Family”
[2] compare our menu-point “Quantum Spectrum of Matter”
[3] The nanoviruses in our body (private information from Dr. Christian Humburg)
[5] compare our menu-point “Our Cosmic Hierarchy”
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The next step towards our understanding of the origin of life

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  • January 23, 2012 at 21:46

    Lieber Peter,

    die Abbildungen in den Lebendblutuntersuchungen betreffen meist Partikel um 1 µ und größer. Enderlein fand als kleinsten Endobionten ein Teilchen, dass er mit 10 nm angab. Mit meinen begrenzten lichtmikroskopischen Möglichkeiten komm ich an 500 nm heran. Diese Teile sind nicht zu verwechseln mit den Nanoorganismen, dessen kleinstes mit etwas über 5 nm ich Dir als Bild geschickt habe. Der von Enderlein und vielen anderen beobachtete Entwicklungszyklus aus kleinen Nanoteilchen bis hin zu Bakterien und Pilzen und auch der Zerfall dieser größeren Organismen wieder in die kleinsten Nanovorstufen passen sehr gut in Deine Vorstellung, nicht jedoch in die gängige Zell- und Mikrobiologie.

    Gruß Christian


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