Is it possible that the red-rain particles could enter our body?

I think, the direct way to know the answer should go through a comparison of the results of the recent investigation of the nanoparticles observed by the group of Dr. Godfrey Louis in the Indian red rain (of Kerala, 2001) and the nanoparticles observed by the group of Dr. Christian Humburg in the human-body fluids and matrix. Then it is possible to consider the living troposphere as the origin of such nanoparticles (that I propose to call nanoviroids, the smallest quanta of the animated matter), reaching the Earth`s surface with any blow of the cosmic wind, and in some extremal cases as the red rain. We are breathing them in; and probably also our skin is no a barrier for them.

For the beginning let`s compare some pictures:
those of Dr. Humburg group:



(for the description of the above photos see the report of the NBM-Group)

with those of Dr. Louis group:

red-rain particles

red-rain cells

the inner structures of the red-rain cells

the inner of the red-rain cell

the toroidal red-rain cells

red-rain-cells toroids

(for the description of the second group of photos see the report of the Indian-Group)

How come nanoviroids into our body?

2 thoughts on “How come nanoviroids into our body?

  • January 28, 2012 at 09:00

    Dear Dr. Louis,
    am I allowed to use your photos of the red-rain particles from your 2006 article in my commentary the the particles origin that I am going to present on my educational bolg
    With my best regards,
    Dr. Peter Jakubowski

    • January 28, 2012 at 09:10

      Dear Dr. Peter Jakubowski,
      You may use that photo in your blog article with acknowledgment.
      with best regards
      Prof. (Dr.) Godfrey Louis
      Pro Vice Chancellor
      Cochin University of Science and Technology
      Cochin – 682022

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