(In continuation to my previous recommendation of a book by Gary Holz for all of you.)

A short reflection
from my awakening phase after the first night in my own bed after our highly emotional Meeting in Bagni di Lucca.

All our positive impressions we develop during our life are very shy, timid, like the impala antelope, jumping huge jumps, running quickly away in a zig-zag. If so, we have to try to hold our conscious focus on them for as long a moment as possible, to enjoy their existence and their positive contribution into our life. On the contrary, all negative impressions are like rhinos, extremely aggressive, ready to fight against everything living nearby, so we have to try to daze them with the “ether” of our positive emotions, and, if possible, to put them to sleep for ever.

Therefore, I think, the usually used recommendation by ourselves to anyone being in troubles: “think positive”, is not as strong as we wish it should be. Instead we have to recommend “hold your positive impressions as long as you can”, or “keep them in your mind”. “Think positive” has been already misused in commercial promotion, and let us stay it there. From my point of view, it is in any way like to send David to fight against Goliath, because our feelings are, in a simple energetic comparison, like a giant in relation to our never so mighty thoughts.

I would be thankful for some comments here below.

A short reflection after Bagni di Lucca in January 2016

2 thoughts on “A short reflection after Bagni di Lucca in January 2016

  • February 14, 2016 at 21:57

    Timely and essential reflections on your part. Lots of people – be it the Poor on up to the powerful Global Elite – are caught in the very same transition. Fear dominates. Many (particularly our Leaders upon whom we’ve depended) are either afraid or don’t know how to straddle from tired archetype to the oncoming new one. It’s a little like being on the Titanic, where upside down is inside out and you don’t quite understand your footing – so you react with bad judgement and often violence.

    Most people are afraid of change; of giving up the old and familiar for the new … because we’ve mostly been taught that the New and Unknown imply something bad or dangerous. We have no control over the New. But at least the Old – even if it’s uncomfortable or bad for us – is still familiar territory which enables us the “illusion” of control.

    I suppose it’s rooted in our primal, childhood fears of wanting to feel safe and taken care of. Once we realise our parents won’t completely fulfil this need, we seek or even demand it from others (our spouses, our children, our religious or world leaders). The only place we DON’T seem to seek it – nee cull it – is the one place that assures it if only we’ll redirect our focus intimately inward; Within.

    Sickness, War, Economic and Environmental crises … as I see it, they are predominantly an outgrowth of a global malady called Alienation From Self.

  • February 3, 2016 at 15:28

    I agree that this type of “mind training” is so important. I see the situation with the lower frequency thoughts as a type of well worn path habitually followed. Once one becomes aware of the path and the choice (of thinking negatively or positively) one can make a different choice and start a new path. This path takes a little bit of time to forge. Visualisation is very helpful. And the understanding that peace and joy are created from within first, not outside ourselves.


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