One thought on “ST 51. An Open Letter to The Global Max

  • September 9, 2016 at 19:59

    Does one come into this life wanting to help make the world a better place? Or is it learned, absorbed into one’s molecular unconscious only to bloom years later? Where does such a prescient kid obtain the mental musculature to “know” what he does, to be impassioned by it at such a tender age, and to apparently selflessly care about bettering the planet with it? I’m not challenging, just genuinely inquiring, because whatever that quality is, it’s perhaps worth honing – cloning, lol – in hopes of reinventing a tired formula top heavy with competition and division rather than its counterpart.

    Nature should be inviting, not intimidating, and perhaps the Old Paradigm of Physicists wearing white lab coats is giving way to the colourful New Paragidm where they’re wearing a pair of jeans and their enthusiasm? Just a thought … (and DID they wear white lab coats, or was that in the Frankenstein films?)

    All I can say is, here’s to the Global Max Generation. I christen you with this new formula: e=mc2 (enthusiasm equals Max multiplied by the speed of delight, shared).”


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