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Because of the January-2017 actualization of the solar cosmic activity (by The Royal Observatory of Belgium), also the newest part of our Cosmic Timescale has been actualised now (in January 2017). If you are using the detailed values of the cosmic quantum jumps of the recent 340 thousand years, use the values of this actualized table.

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24) New Proofs of the New Paradigm in February 2016

It is always exciting to follow the latest emerging scientific news, with its experimental or observational proof confirming the influence of new paradigm perspectives upon our reality. This article presents two of the newest observational proofs, confirming the reality of the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System.

18) Theoretical origin of the Cryogenian Period in Earth history

The temporal concentration of the biggest glaciations of the Earth, some of which had extended to the equator, reflects an exceptional period in the Earth’s history.

17) Quantum Basis of Astrophysics and Geophysics

The exact theoretical periodicity of the cosmic energetic influence of all astrophysical and geophysical processes is the main new mental leap, which I am going to present in this article.

15) The Universal Time Scale

Nature seems to respects a common scale of time in all her processes. Here I discuss a hierarchical scale with a step length of 12.1428 and consider three direct applications of it, improving the theoretical basis of the corresponding scientific research of the 1) natural systematics of the biofrequencies being active in our bodies; 2) theoretical estimation of the age of the largest impact craters on the Earth’s surface; 3) human being evolution during the recent 3.5 milliard years.

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The Universal Time Scale of our Cosmic Hierarchy defines all rhythms of our evolution and our life on the Earth


The universal cosmic timescale of Naturics is an extremely precise scale of time of the Earth’s history. All past time intervals of the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System can be ordered along a single scale of time. The hierarchical cycles of this hierarchy provide us with a precise scale of time for geological, paleontological, archaeological, and even historical events. The most interesting of them are our own evolutionary “quantum jumps”. These “jumps” mean the mass extinctions of the already long living organisms and simultaneously the origination of new groups of the more advanced organisms.

A typical chain of events combining the mass extinction with the origination of new groups of living organisms is always the same. It begins with cosmic impacts (of the intensity corresponding to the actually active level of the Cosmic Hierarchy), the resulting increased volcanism, earthquakes, earth slides and tsunamis, and finally – the climatic and environmental changes. These evolutionary steps have been clearly seen during the long Earth’s history.

Our Universal Cosmic Timescale

The first step to the terrestrial human life has begun at the level 9, 3506.673 My (millions of years) ago, with a complete restructuring of the Solar System. One of the most important events for the evolution of life was the resulting collision of the Proto-Mars with the Proto-Earth, ending with the formation of the Earth’s Moon.

Note, that one period of the level 9 of the Cosmic Hierarchy lasts 3584.559 My; therefore the current period of that level ends “already” in 77.897 My, probably with some similarly dramatic happenings.

The decisive happening of the Moon`s formation was followed by many consecutive happenings of the lower level 8 (with the interval of 295.201 My), which have started:

  • 3506.673 My ago; Archean eon
  • 3211.472 My ago
  • 2916.271 My ago
  • 2621.070 My ago; Proterozoic eon
  • 2325.869 My ago
  • 2030.668 My ago
  • 1735.467 My ago
  • 1440.266 My ago
  • 1145.065 My ago
  • 849.864 My ago
  • 554.663 My ago; Paleozoic Era
  • 259.462 My ago; Mesozoic Era

Let us look one level deeper into the two recent steps of the level 8. Levels 7 (duration of 24.3109 My) of the last but one level-8 step have started:

    • 554.663 My ago; Cambrian
    • 530.352 My ago
    • 506.041 My ago; Ordovician
    • 481.731 My ago
    • 457.420 My ago
    • 433.109 My ago; Silurian
    • 408.798 My ago; Devonian
    • 384.487 My ago
    • 360.176 My ago; Carboniferous
    • 335.865 My ago
    • 311.554 My ago
    • 287.241 My ago; Permian
    • 262.932 My ago

Levels 7 of the last level-8 step have started:

    • 259.462 My ago; Triassic
    • 235.151 My ago
    • 210.840 My ago; Jurassic
    • 186.530 My ago
    • 162.219 My ago
    • 137.908 My ago; Cretaceous
    • 113.597 My ago
    • 89.286 My ago
    • 64.975 My ago; Cenozoic Era; Tertiary-Paleogen
    • 40.664 My ago
    • 16.353 My ago; Tertiary-Neogen; Ramapithecus

Let us look one level deeper into the present step of the level 7. Levels 6 (duration of 2.00209 My) have started:

      • 16.3532 My ago
      • 14.3511 My ago
      • 12.3490 My ago
      • 10.3469 My ago
      • 8.3448 My ago
      • 6.3428 My ago
      • 4.3407 My ago; Australopithecus
      • 2.3386 My ago; Quaternary; Lower Pleistocene; Homo erectus
      • 0.3365 My ago; Middle Pleistocene; Homo sapiens

Let us look one level deeper into the present step of the level 6. Levels 5 (duration of 164878 years) have started:

        • 336494 years ago; Homo sapiens Heidelbergensis
        • 171615 years ago; Upper Pleistocene; Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis
        • 6736 years ago; Holocene; “Floods” originator; Homo sapiens Sapiens

Let us look one level deeper into the last but one step of the level 5. Levels 4 (duration of 13578.3 years) of the last but one level-5 step have started:

          • 171615 years ago; Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis
          • 158037 years ago
          • 144459 years ago
          • 130880 years ago
          • 117302 years ago
          • 103724 years ago
          • 90145 years ago
          • 76567 years ago
          • 62989 years ago
          • 49410 years ago
          • 35832 years ago
          • 22254 years ago
          • 8675 years ago

No further levels 4 of the present level-5 step have started till today:

        • 6736 years ago; the recent cosmic quantum jump of the level 5, followed with the worldwide “floods”, has originated the greatest civilizations across the Earth.

Let us look one level deeper into the present step of the level 4: levels 3 (duration of 1118.22 years) have started:

          • 6736 years ago; (4720 BCE); Homo sapiens Sapiens
          • 5618 years ago; (3601 BCE)
          • 4500 years ago; (2483 BCE)
          • 3382 years ago; (1365 BCE)
          • 2264 years ago; (247 BCE)
          • 1145 years ago; (872 CE)
          • 27.2 years ago; (1989.8 CE).

The next step of the level 3 comes in 1091 years; in year 3108.
The next step of the level 4 comes in 6842 years.
The next step of the level 5 comes in 158142 years.
The next step of the level 6 comes in 1.6655 millions of years.
The next step of the level 7 comes in 7.958 millions of years.
The next step of the level 8 comes in 35.739 millions of years.
The next step of the level 9 comes in 77.897 millions of years.

Note: Our above “steps of life” begin and end always with an extremely warm period connected with the “quantum jump” of the lower member of the Cosmic Hierarchy through the energy bridge (compare the previous category of topics), a region of increased density, connecting two higher hierarchy members. The cooling of the Earth’s surface follows always about the middle of each period. This could be a reason for some small differences between our points of time and those traditionally used ones, which are defined from one cold period to another.

(My books demonstrate the precision of the above timescale by showing its relation to the contemporary geological “observational” scale of time and by using our timescale for the first worldwide theoretical estimation of the age of the mostly investigated impact craters. Both comparisons confirm the reality of the cosmic jumps in the evolution of life on Earth.)

The Universal Cosmic Clock

The universal cosmic timescale can be visualized by means of a universal clock showing all the cosmic periods of time simultaneously. The figure below presents such a universal cosmic clock adjusted to the present year 2017.

The clock has shown zero o’clock on all eight levels at the moment of formation of our Moon 3506.673 million years ago. It was the starting point to the presently “finishing” period of the level 9. The difference between the theoretical period-9 length ( 3584.559 My) and the passed part (of 3506.673 million years) of the running period gives us the remaining part of “only” 77.9 million years. But practically already after the next “midnight” of the level 7 (in 35.7 million years) the life of Mammals on our Earth will be no longer possible. And the period of Primates (including human being) ends theoretically in 8 million years. However, it is still so long a period of time that we can forget it at the moment and consider rather the shortest periods of this cosmic timescale.

The hand of level 2 shows today (2017) shortly after 0 o´clock. The recent “midnight” of the level 2 (or the full six o’clock of the level 3) occurred (according to the newest consideration) on 1st November 1989 (with an accuracy of about three weeks), when our Solar System together with the whole Local Group of Stars entered the energy bridge connecting the Orion Complex with the center of Ursa Major Moving Group (Today – 2017 – we already know that the traditionally considered Milky Way is not a galaxy at all; compare our articles concerning the Cosmic Hierarchy).

Around this recent moment of our cosmic history, also the Shoemaker-Levy-9 “projectile” had entered the Solar System. Fortunately for us on Earth, it crashed not upon us but on Jupiter five years later. This cosmic jump has considerably intensified the energetic influence upon Earth. The enhanced seismic activity was one of the results. The changing Earth’s rotation was a second one.

The number of the strongest earthquakes since the beginning of 20th century was distinctly higher than previously. However, the newest analysis of the solar activity proves that first the year 1989 was the true beginning of the present period of level 3 (with its duration of 1118.22 years), the theoretical period of our first global civilization on the Earth. For the newest data compare this actualized table..

The Cosmic Timescale estimates the geological evolution of Earth, the biological evolution of life on Earth and the energetic activity of all biofrequencies in our body.

The cosmic timescale estimates also the cycles of our individual life with 12.1428 cycles of 7 years and 7 months during the single longer period of 92 years (including the pregnancy period), as shown in the diagram below.

It is interesting to compare those theoretical “life cycles” with the true average lifespan in diverse life conditions and cultures around the World. This cosmic regularity seems to be very precisely reached in the Western Europe already today.

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