Illness and the disturbed energy transfer in our body are really two faces of the same coin.

Let us summarize some points of our present knowledge that every natural healer should consider in his/her own practice.

1. The basic substance
The basic substance is the universal energetic level of any living organism.

  • From the Unified-Physics point of view the basic substance is the universal quantum membrane, the universal Field of Light, separating the animated matter inside of the organism from the inanimate matter outside of it.
  • The interstitial connective tissue (or matrix) is the traditional-biology and medicine approximation to the basic substance from the side of the animated matter.
  • The interstellar vacuum is the traditional-science approximation to the basic substance from the side of the inanimate matter.

2. Quanta of the animated matter
The whole diversity of the animated matter is just one of two parts of the Quantum Spectrum of Matter.

  • A universal quantum of the animated mater is just a quantized fluctuation of the omnipresent universal energy.
  • The lowest level of the Quantum Spectrum of the Animated Matter is the simple biological cells.
  • The higher level is the nerve-cell quanta.
  • The highest level in a single organism is the brain-cell quanta.
  • The extraordinary level of the superbrain-cell quanta is realized till now
    only in a group of individual brains.
  • The Unified Physics delivers all necessary numerical values of
    the corresponding quanta of matter.

3. The natural processes
There are no ill or irregulal natural processes.

  • If a scientific experiment or a healing method “does not work”, it is always the experimenter or the healer, who is wrong in his supposition concerning the natural process, and not the natural process itself.

4. Energy and information transfer
There is no energy transfer without the quantum-information transfer and vice versa.

  • Quantum-information comes into the living organism always together with the energy keeping the organism alive.

5. Mind and body
Mind and body are just two different dimensions of every quantum of our Universe. Therefore, they are also two inseparable properties of every quantum system, including everyone human being.
For the newest definitions read here.

  • We begin to understand for the first time, how healing takes place on the level of the individual quanta of matter.

6. The health maintenance
The undisturbed energy flow is the only natural behavior that we have to observe, to understand and to maintain in any living organism.

  • Doctor and healer should only stimulate and accompany the natural cure process.
  • Also in the animated matter, the energy transfer is the only real interaction, and it keeps the whole system alive.

7. Illness and matter
Matter cannot be sick, because no quantum of matter could be sick.

  • Quantum of matter can only be desintegrated into smaller quanta of matter with higher energy density, or it can be integrated (“eaten, consumed”) into a larger quantum of matter with lower energy density.

8. Illness and energy
A disease (no matter, of spirit or body) means always a disturbance in a corresponding energy-information transfer in (or into, or out of) a living organism.

  • Also a broken leg is an interruption of the energetic interaction between the adjacent quanta of the leg-bone along the fracture.

4 thoughts on “Illness and energy transfer

  • August 18, 2013 at 21:08

    Thank you very much for expressing this point of view. It strenghten the holistic approach towards healing/recovery as a disturbance of energy in the body which needs to be balanced. Being involved in medicine over 25 years I was told to believe that biochemistry is responsible for the metabolism of the body. But my personal experience (trauma from early childhood) told me to dig deeper – at the level of the encoded information, a system of beliefs and emotional programs. And here opens up the entire space of quantum physics, energy and zero flow (energy deposits in the body).

  • January 2, 2012 at 08:05

    Sehr geehrter Herr Jakubowski,

    Ich habe Ihren Vortrag bei Jean-Claude gehört und war sehr beeindruckt. Da meine Physikkenntnisse das schulische Grundwissen nicht überstreigen, fühlte ich mich während Ihrer Ausführungen teils überfordert.
    Als jedoch ein Satz mit Schwingungen fiel, fiel auch bei mir der Cent und ich war seelisch sehr ergriffen.

    Mir wurde plötzlich bewusst, dass alles nur in der richtige Schwingung sein muss und man ist gesund.
    Die jeweils richtige Schwingung zeigt sich im eigenen Wohlbefinden.
    Stimmt die Schwingung fühle ich mich gut oder fühle mich auf dem richtigen, gesunden Weg.
    Habe ich das so richtig erkannt?

    Ein gutes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr
    in der richtigen Schwingung
    wünscht Ihnen
    HP Claudia Dalhaus

    • January 2, 2012 at 15:59

      Sehr geehrte Frau Dalhaus,

      Sie haben es richtig erkannt. Wir müssen uns nicht auf jedem Karussell auf dem “Kirmesplatz” des Lebens wohlfüllen, aber für jede unserer Beschwerden dürfte ein passendes dabei sein.

      Ich wüsche Ihnen auch ein wohl “schwingendes” Neues Jahr, und auf wiedersehen beim nächsten (wesentlich weniger theoretischem) Thema.

      Peter Jakubowski

  • November 25, 2011 at 10:26

    Lieber Peter,
    ich werde für die weitere Verbreitung sorgen.
    Ich bin in einem Kreis “Frankfurter Consil” einem Zusammenschluß von Heilpraktikern und Ärzten, die dies sicher interessiert, aber von Quantenphysikalischem Denken weitgehendst unberührt sind.
    Aber vieleicht ergibt sich was.

    Gruß Christian


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