Updated on 21st April 2013

During the recent 22 years passed away since the original formulation of the Unified-Physics axioms (compare the next menu-point in this category), our task has been growing continuously and has reached now its most ambitious level. It can be formulated as the precise answer to the fundamental intellectual question of the humanity: How can we imagine a creation of the Universe we are living in?

We need the following three axioms for our construction of the Universe:
1) Our Universe is quantized.
2) Our Universe is dualistic: material and spiritual.
3) The quanta of matter-spirit are hierarchically ordered in our Universe.

The first axiom means that all aspects of our Universe are quantized. The second axiom means that the material and spiritual aspects of all natural phenomena and processes in our Universe are not separable from each other. The third axiom postulates that the matter-spirit quanta constituting our Universe are not independent of each other but they are hierarchically ordered to each other. The hierarchies of the quanta are the largest structures across the Universe.

The single natural interaction between the quanta of matter-spirit is a transfer of information. It is not an axiom. It will be one of the most important direct conclusions from our construction of the Universe. However because of the new definition of the energy quantum in the Unified Physics, we will see that the transfer of information in our Universe is inseparable from the transfer of energy. Therefore, we can also say that the single natural interaction in our Universe is a transfer of the informing energy or a transfer of the energetic information between the quanta of matter-spirit.

2 thoughts on “Axioms of the Unified Physics

  • June 1, 2013 at 16:38

    If you are willing to accept that the universe is a look-alike phenomenon, and that trying to comprehend the fundamental axioms of our “physical dream” is as useless as trying to do the same for other types of dreams, you may realize that the above mentioned possibility is the only needed axiom.

    • June 2, 2013 at 13:40

      We have to make a difference between the physical (or generally – scientific) description of Nature and the usually emotional but non-scientific feeling of Her. For example, the common feeling of time flowing from „minus infinity“ to some undescribable „plus infinity“ or the religious „End of Time“ is only acceptable in relation to the enormous length of the scientifically observable period of the highest level of our Cosmic Hierarchy of 3584.6 million years.

      Similarly the common feeling of the reality (what we are able to „test“ with all our senses) is only acceptable in relation to the dimension of this Cosmic Hierarchy, including the whole observable Universe. However this does not change the scientific knowledge (based upon the structure of the Unified Family of all physical quantities) that the originally single realistic quantity is the Universal Unity, the universal potential to create everything else. All quanta of the material and spiritual world we are living in have been already created previously, before we started to „comprehend“ them.

      On the other way we are also co-creators of our Universe. Your commentary here and my answer to it create also some new quanta of the informing energy which add to the potential of creation, to the universal quantum field, which I call physically the Field of Light and Dr. Laszlo call more generally (in scientific and spiritual sense) the Akashic Field.

      Therefore the common interpretation of the above definition of the reality could be the yours one indeed, that we are just dreaming our Universe, or that our Universe is just an illusion. But it is a wonderful dream and I don’t wish to stop dream it.


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