This point has been added to the Unified-Physics topics on 21st April 2013.
It contains the presently most actual point of view of the author on the possible creation act of our Universe.

No human being is able to create a universe like our own. Only a creator existing out of time and out of space can be able to realize such an action. The most of the people around the World would probably call such a creator God or Creator of the Universe. Let us adopt the name Creator also here.

What has the Creator to do in order to create a universe like our own? At the beginning of the creation act there is no matter and no energy. There is even no space and no time as well. Therefore the only possible thing which can be created at this moment of creation is to create a possibility, a potential to create all other things.

At the very beginning does appear a potential, just a possibility to create our Universe. It is the universal „Oneness“, the Universal Unity, 1.

According to our first axiom, this Universal Unity means a possibility to create the first quantum of our Universe, with its material and spiritual aspects simultaneously. However, no material quantum could be imagined as a simple point, a mathematical object with zero-dimension. Every material quantum has to have some extension, some area. This means that we have to use the universal creation-potential, the Universal Unity, to define the universal length along some direction (a vector) and its square, the universal area (a bivector), as the material aspect of our first universal quantum.

Simultaneously, we have to use the same potential and define the spiritual aspect of this quantum. However, no quantum of our Universe can be defined without its own period of existence, without its internal circulation. This means, the quantum obtains its spiritual aspect or shortly its „spirit“ only if its period of duration – the minimal period of its existence – will be greater than zero. Mathematically this simplest spiritual aspect of the created quantum has to be a bivector too, like the quantum area.

In that way we have used the universal potential of creation (the Universal Unity) in order to create the first universal quantum of mater-spirit in our Universe. But simultaneously we have defined the space, the plane „inside“ the quantum area, and the time, the duration from the quantum period beginning to its end. It is easy to imagine that we have created in that way a very huge Universe, with an extension large enough for to contain our presently observable horizon and the correspondingly long time reaching billions of years into the past.

All different, smaller and larger quanta of matter-spirit constituting our Universe can be obviously created in the same way. But according to our third axiom, they cannot be all independent of each other. All of them should be hierarchically ordered in relation to each other. This means that some amount of „similar“ quanta can belong to the same hierarchy level, but the remaining have to belong to some higher or lower levels of this hierarchy (or maybe to some „parallel“, independent hierarchy).

One important aspect of the proposed creation-procedure should be realized from the very beginning. This act of creation is still active. We all are co-creators of our Universe as well. All our quanta of spirit (our thoughts, ideas, dreams, and feelings) change the Universe, create a more advanced Universe and change the energy distribution inside of it. (We will learn more about the connection between the quantum information and the energy value of the informing quanta of energy after we have defined the Unified Family of all physical quantities in one of the next points of the present category of topics.)

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