1) The main idea of Open Science Academy is to use the new technical possibility of the free online publishing of science, giving everyone and everywhere a free access to the newest developments in Unified Physics and its holistic applications. That means the holistic treatment to all of our knowledge, including culture, religion and science. For example, it could be a study of our global consciousness, or the new holistic methods in illnesses prevention and in healing.

2) The young scientists all over the World have to be prepared to live in our global civilization for the rest of their life. It is impossible to reach this aim by using the old, very slow and expensive system of science publication.

3) On the other hand, the texts of Open Science Academy are not only allowed to be used (consumed) by the readers, but it is expected that the readers will modify the texts linguistically, graphically, or in any other aspect, and also actualize and translate them into all languages, where the need will be large enough for such work.

4) Contrary to the Wikipedia publishing strategy, the published knowledge of Open Science Academy can be followed during the process of its creation. It is important for students and young scientists to be able to follow this development. No theory can be formulated in its final, perfect form (if at all possible). Therefore, also the perfect form of the theory presentation has to be developed by “learning by doing”. Also the desire to reach a perfect version of every single though or idea should be the aim but not a hindrance for the publication in its preliminary form.

5) We are seven milliard people belonging to our civilization. So none of us should think to have caught the really best idea in one or another subject. The expected interaction of many of us can develop every idea into its perfect form much quicker than even the best single mind. This is my motivation to present here as the beginning the three online books (being not really the same as the commercial e-books) containing a lot of new (not only scientific) ideas, having a potential to change our point of view on our World, or simply put, to change the paradigm of our knowledge.

6) Please feel encouraged to interact in the new knowledge development by sending comments to individual files. I will try to manage the reactions to your proposals as long as it will be possible for a single person. If you are going to publish these books in a paper form, you can obtain on request the pictures and texts in open files. However, should you profit from Open Science Academy, it would be nice on your part to share from your profits. This will help in our work.

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