The short version of this website, the “Naturics Info” is available now (since October 2017).
ST 60. “Our Sun has been really born together with Andrea Star” ; the new fantastic confirmation of the Andrea-star reality (1st September, 2017.)
“Klimaschutz ist eine absurde Idee“ – Michael Limburg hat Recht!
CODATA-team Jemand müsste es ihnen sagen
Die ersten Menschen waren keine Affenart
**** New-Paradigm definition of Consciousness
*** New-Paradigm definition of Life
** New-Paradigm definition of Energy
* New-Paradigm definition of The Electromagnetic Spectrum
EIKE-Climate-Forum; Discussion or Propaganda?
1. Evolution of life has to be re-interpreted now! 2. Urgent email to “New Horizons Team”.
3. Second solar system found on our cosmic doorstep! 4. The complete list of the newest publications by Peter Jakubowski; now with the most important sentences.
5. The Winner is … the Silso-Group of the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
Their recently published data of the solar activity allowed us to close the thirty-years old project of the Unified Physics, the exact estimation of the birthday of our First Global Civilization. It was 1st November 1989.
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6. On 11/11 2016 The Club of Budapest UK and Temples for Humanity launch an initiative to strengthen the World Consciousness awareness.

Streaming of video talks, sounds and meditations become available live from 10.30 a.m. 11/11/2016 – approx 19.00 p.m., and for viewing at any time after 11th November.

7. In the coming days we will honour our deceased, amongst whom are those Giants Past who gave life to our beloved Species and for whom we also light a candle.
(31 Oct, 2016)

8. This new logo of the Open Science Academy has been developed in a grateful cooperation with Venus (the background rosette-orbit of the Earth in our Solar System), Alison Goldwyn (linguistic design), and Caroline Jakubowski (graphic design).
(20 Oct, 2016)

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One thought on “The newest on this website

  • September 9, 2016 at 20:28

    Sartori seems credible and genuine about her thirst to understand this mysterious realm and shed light on it. Thanks to her and my own recent “unusual” experience I’m now prone to believing that what we refer to as “paranormal”, “metaphysical”, “esoteric” and so many other terms associated with the “woo woo realm” is probably just normal. But because we haven’t penetrated the veil of Consciousness sufficiently in our quest to understand it en masse (nor have we “let down the veil, the guard” to allow Consciousness to reveal more of itself and these unusual states as Penny refers) we consider these experiences outside the norm to be abnormal, magical, superpowers … and we attribute those with “remarkable” traits and talents as Exceptional Beings.

    Perhaps we’re all potentially exceptional beings but most of us haven’t yet found the turnkey. Therefore we turn in awe to those who have that key, with a tendency to revere them. Ultimately everyone is allowed to access Consciousness but some “privileged” few have somehow stumbled upon the aperture before others. That doesn’t make them better, just better equipped (to inform our vast majority about the expansive unknown that beckons us all).

    This is a thrilling frontier upon which to reimagine our existence. But at the same time it risks to throw the majority off course because, after all, our world structure has been predicated on Hierarchy and those who are “better” than others. What happens if we find out we’re ALL imbued with specialness? Suddenly Special is the new Normal and we’ll be scrambling over that one like hungry ants to a crumb. I wonder … what is this experience known as The Human Condition — conditioning or instinctive or both or neither? Anyone out there with a point of view?


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