The idea of the Venus-centered Solar System has been proposed by the author three decades ago. Since then there are collected numerous confirmations of the reality of our Solar System being centered on that point of space where the Venus had been formed during the creation phase of the Proto-Solar System. The main point of the new paradigm is that the Proto-Sun has been formed together with a second stellar object, probably a brown dwarf of about two percent of the total mass of the accretion disk. Today, on the specific day, when the Earth reaches its closest approach to Venus, I present here one further strong observational support to the idea of our Venus-centered Solar System. This support is based on the observational method being used by the Kepler’s-Mission team looking very successfully for exoplanets. The conclusion is that the Earth’s movement around the energetic center (or center of mass) of the Solar System in Venus slightly but evidently modulates the sunspot number observed on the Earth.

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