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Ervin Laszlo plays Chopin Nocturne Op 27 No 2 D Flat Major on piano.
Ervin Laszlo plays Chopin Waltz in G flat major, Op 70 No 1 on piano.

If you are new here, the best sequence for reading is to begin with points A and B (somewhat lower here) and continue with G, H, and I.

J. Penny Sartori:
Some brilliant thoughts and ideas from her NDE-Research
K. A polemics by Peter Jakubowski with Ervin Laszlo:
Polemic debate about the newest article by Ervin Laszlo “Who are we?”
(September, 2016.)
I. Peter Jakubowski’s new idea:
Anthropogenic modulation of our cosmic environment
1) Our consciousness is not immaterial; 2) Global consciousness is not omnipresent across the Universe; 3) Our own evolution modulates energetically our cosmic environment.
(It is a discussion material for “The Infinite Consciousness Conference” of L-INPR, Bagni di Lucca, 16-17 July, 2016.)
For the online-link to the printed article (Ref.1) please use:
G. Peter Jakubowski’s recent presentation:
The Unified Physics (of Naturics) is the New Paradigm
(3. International Meeting of L-INPR, Bagni di Lucca, 31st Jan, 2016.)
H. The newest presentation by Peter Jakubowski:
Saying goodbye to the traditional physics
(The Infinite Consciousness Conference of L-INPR, Bagni di Lucca, 16-17 July, 2016.)

Ervin Laszlo explains: “Immortal Mind: Does the Human Consciousness survive beyond the Brain?
(14th Jan, 2015; 61 min.)

Ervin Laszlo and Kingsley L. Dennis explain their common book “Dawn of the Akashic Age
(21st Jul, 2013; 17 min.)

F. Now is time to listen very carefully, what he – Graham Hancock – has to tell us about Ancient and Future Cataclysm – The great return of the comet!
(14th Oct, 2015; 91 min.)
Graham Hancock says, among other sensations: “We have lost a full civilization from a human history.” I am saying: We have lost a full Species of human beings, with its twelve consecutive civilizations following each other between 22 and 9 thousand years ago.
The Hancock’s journalist, Daniel Liszt, asks: Who were they? I am answering: They was the last Species of the Genus of Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis, our direct predecessors.
C. There are many scientists and intellectual leaders of humanity cooperating with us. One of them is Beverley Buckley, an Australian educator and workshop facilitator.
In her book “Final Days of Judgement we can find many splendid observations, ideas and advices concerning our all lives.
D. Some previous articles by myself could be also helpful to enter the Institute activities:
16. Philosophy of the Unified Physics
4. What is a paradigm in science and how it can be changed?
3. How does the new scientific paradigm change our philosophy of life?
1. Why should we continue to ask the scientific questions?
A. The first important question we are considering at L_INPR is:
What is the new paradigm?
B. The fundamental terms used in modern science have to be new defined now. The most urgent is a new definition of such fundamental ideas as:
matter, spirit, soul, body, and mind.
It would be nice and helpful to have your comments (directly here below this page; scroll down), concerning the works, articles, questions and your general suggestions to the new-paradigm research.
Peter Jakubowski
(February 2016)
Note: The full name “The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research” will be often abbreviated as L_INPR.