Explosive increase of the evidence of the New-Paradigm correctness

(The list is in a continuous actualization; recently on 1st September, 2017.)
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The newest evidence from beginning 2017 can be found in Recent Articles 29 (Cosmic Timescale 2017) and 30 (The recent origin of our First Global Civilisation).

Below is a list of articles by Peter Jakubowski concerning the topic of “The Expolding Evidence”, published on this website until September 2017
(ordered chronologically)
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25) Beyond Moore’s law; the wiser head gives in.

The main problem of the chip manufacturing is the inability of the traditional physics to calculate the fundamental physical properties of the used materials in that extremely low dimensions. Which physical properties have been really reached at this level of 14 nanometers? We are not forced to go any single step below the natural boundary of 5 nm. We have tried, but we have to remember: the cleverer give in. There are some new, different ways to improve our “computing ability”. Maybe the best of them directs us to a cognitive chip of a super-brain.

24) New Proofs of the New Paradigm in February 2016

It is always exciting to follow the latest emerging scientific news, with its experimental or observational proof confirming the influence of new paradigm perspectives upon our reality. This article presents two of the newest observational proofs, confirming the reality of the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System.

21) Tropical-year shortening proofs the Venus-centered Solar System

Not only the evolution of our Solar System, but also the evolution of life on Earth has to be rewritten completely.

20) Venus-centered Solar System influences our global climate

The next strong support for the Venus-centered Solar System has been reached by analysis of the daily temperatures on a chosen point of the Earth’s surface in dependence on the Venus-Earth distance.

19) A further strong support for the Venus-centered Solar System

The Earth’s movement around the energetic center (or center of mass) of the Solar System in Venus slightly but evidently modulates the sunspot number observed on the Earth.

18) Theoretical origin of the Cryogenian Period in Earth history

The temporal concentration of the biggest glaciations of the Earth, some of which had extended to the equator, reflects an exceptional period in the Earth’s history.

10) Increasingly numerous observational proofs
The proofs for the Unified-Physics paradigm become increasingly numerous

One further, very strong proof of the reality of the “Shield of Life” in the terrestrial tropopause becomes announced during the American Geophysical Union’s 46th annual Fall Meeting (San Francisco, 9-13 December 2013).
For further proofs consult directly the Naturics Hot News.