This is a list of articles by Peter Jakubowski concerning the topic of “Global Consciousness”, published on this website until December 2016
(ordered chronologically)
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28) New-Paradigm Definition of Consciousness.

(Duesseldorf, 5th November, 2016)

1. The New Paradigm according to Ervin Laszlo
2. The basis of the New Paradigm of the Unified Physics
3. Global and Individual Consciousness in the New Paradigm of the Unified Physics
4. Global Consciousness as a product of all superbrains

20) Venus-centered Solar System influences our global climate

The next strong support for the Venus-centered Solar System has been reached by analysis of the daily temperatures on a chosen point of the Earth’s surface in dependence on the Venus-Earth distance.

16) Philosophy of the Unified Physics

The basic scientific concepts, like those of space, time, matter, and causality, have to be re-idealized (in the sense of Heisenberg, presented in his famous book: “Physics and Philosophy; The Revolution in Modern Science”; 1958) in accordance with the philosophy of the Unified Physics, in order to bring them closer to the natural-language concepts of life, spirit, mind, and soul.

13) Die “verlorene” erste Stufe des Lebens
(Eine “Ursuppe”-Phase der Evolution des Lebens hat es nie gegeben!)

Im täglichen Leben ist man immer zu tiefst enttäuscht, wenn eine große Erwartung nicht in Erfüllung geht. In der Wissenschaft ist das manchmal ganz umgekehrt. Manchmal erwarten die Wissenschaftler einer Bestätigung ihrer Theorie die in Wirklichkeit leider teilweise oder (selten) gänzlich im Widerspruch zu Natur steht. So war es, zum Beispiel, der Fall mit der geozentrischen Struktur des Sonnensystems. Die meisten Wissenschaftler des späten sechzehnten und siebzehnten Jahrhunderts waren sehr enttäuscht, wenn sie sich auf das kopernikanische, heliozentrische Weltsystem umstellen mussten. …

12) Fehlt es uns an der elementaren Vorstellungskraft?
(Ein Kommentar angeregt durch die Lektüre der neusten Artikel des „Spektrums der Wissenschaft“ über die Neandertaler)

… Gleicherweise müssen wir auch akzeptieren, dass es auch nie „den Neandertaler“ gab. Alle Schädel, Knochen, oder Zähne, die wir jemals irgendwo auf der Erde gefunden haben, sind immer mit einem bestimmten Vertreter der mindestens zwölf Spezies der Gattung Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis verbunden, und niemals ein Beweis für eine These: „der Neandertaler“ war so, und nicht anders. …

7) What can our science learn from our religion?
We have to re-think just now

Three main points we are considering here are following:
1. The World has already changed
Since 1905, we all are citizens of the same, first global civilization on Earth.
2. What can our science learn from our religion?
Our monotheistic religion has been born as the adaptation of our previous polymorphic beliefs to our uniform understanding of Nature. In a similar way, our polymorphic science of the 20th century has to be replaced now with the Unified Physics, the first uniform description of the surely uniform Nature.
3. Beyond the paradigm boundary
We are standing on the new-paradigm side without our previous “physical body”. But we are completely free. Free to build our new “body” of physics without the diseases of the old one. Free to reach new wonderful horizons.

3) How does the new scientific paradigm change our philosophy of life?
The new paradigm in twelve steps

The new paradigm has been formulated in twelve steps. Each of them differs radically from what we were used to think about our Universe till now.

2) The Spirit-Matter Quantum Partnership in our World
Quantum period creates spirituality, quantum area creates materiality; their simple product is quantum mass

The continuous evidence of some fundamental dualities in Nature suggests that also the undermost base of our physics, our scientific description of Nature, can be understood as a duality between the two main components of our reality, spirit and matter. This fundamental duality has to be found already on the level of a single quantum element of our world. As the eastern ancients teach us, such a fundamental duality cannot be realized as opposite polarity, but rather as a partnership originating from some unifying entity.
In the Unified Physics, our unified description of Nature, this unifying entity is the original creative potential, termed Unified Unity, situated at the center of the dynamical plane of the Unified Family of all physical quantities. The two partner-components of the description are the spiritual axis of time and the material axis of dimension. In our reality, there is no existence without some temporal (spiritual) component, without a quantum period, and there is no experience without some extended (material) component, without a quantum area. The whole observable Universe is a result of a quantized creation from the creating potential of the Universal Unity. The creation is never ending. And all creatures (including us as well as the stars and galaxies) are also co-creators of the Universe.

1) Why should we continue to ask the scientific questions?
How can we create our Universe? Is it a matter of science or philosophy?

For the past four decades of my work as physicist I was convinced that it is impossible to reach the last question of physics during a single human life. Now, after I have really reached exactly this point I know that it is a great feeling indeed to have achieved what one has set out to do in one’s life.
The axioms of the Unified Physics have been simplified and generalized since their first formulation (in years 1990-1992) and the final question of physics: “How can we create our Universe?” can be precisely answered now.
Fortunately the unified time does not flow infinitely, it circulates. Therefore the achievement of the last question is not the end of physics but just the end of the present cycle of science. We are ready now to use our global consciousness and to begin to ask the Nature again. I am sure, our description of Nature will never end.