This is a list of articles by Peter Jakubowski concerning the topic of “New Paradigm”, published on this website until December 2016
(ordered chronologically)
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27) Heliocentric Copernican Solar System was a myth.

(Duesseldorf, 9th October, 2016)

Geocentric Solar System was the oldest one known to modern science, heliocentric system was the second one, and the third one, the Venus-centered Solar System, recently proposed by the author, is ready now for a wide application in all scientific research.

The remaining part of the cited article presents the strongest arguments confirming the idea of the Venus-centered Solar System. They are: a) the extraordinary properties of Venus; b) the inclined orbit of Pluto; c) Sedna and 2nd level of the Cosmic Hierarchy; d) a puzzling mass beyond Neptune; e) tropical year shortening; f) Gould’s Belt puzzle. Each one of those arguments could be considered as a reason enough to accept the idea of the center of mass of the entire Solar System located in that point of cosmos where we see Venus today. Taken together they give an unquestionable evidence for the reality of that location.

26) Planet X, or Planet 9, is probably not a planet at all.

(Duesseldorf, 21st July, 2016)

It happened today that I was forced to wait for more than a half an hour on our main railway station. Since many years I know, any unexpected “pause” in my life is a time to learn something (or someone) I would otherwise maybe never had considered at all. There is a large bookshop there that I haven’t visited during the last several months. There are always hundreds of books and hundreds of national and international journals and papers there. I went in, and after maybe two minutes I went out with the newest issue of the Journal “Sterne und Weltraum” (“Stars and Universe”; an astrophysical cooperation with “Spektrum der Wissenschaft”, the German version of “Scientific American”) in my hand. The title page asked me: “Wanted Planet X; could it be hidden at the edge of the Solar System?” Because I was returned just yesterday directly from Bagni di Lucca in Toscany (Italy), where I attended “The Infinite Consciousness Conference” (, I was sure, also this time the “Global Consciousness” try to inform me about something exciting.

And indeed, as very often in a similar situation during my life, just after a few minutes I became really excited again. There are three very interesting, seemingly independent reports in that issue, which for myself all belong together.

23) An Alternative to “Big Bang” is “Big Quantum”

There is shown how some overseen alternative solutions to the theories by Maxwell, Newton, Einstein, Copernicus and Darwin, and the hypotheses of “Theia impact”, “global warming”, “dark matter” and “Big Bang” have been involved in the formulation of or are resulting from the Unified Physics.

22) Never more problems with physical equations

The physicists’ dream – to find a single equation describing the entire Universe and all natural phenomena – has to be new interpreted now.

17) Quantum Basis of Astrophysics and Geophysics

The exact theoretical periodicity of the cosmic energetic influence of all astrophysical and geophysical processes is the main new mental leap, which I am going to present in this article.

16) Philosophy of the Unified Physics

The basic scientific concepts, like those of space, time, matter, and causality, have to be re-idealized (in the sense of Heisenberg, presented in his famous book: “Physics and Philosophy; The Revolution in Modern Science”; 1958) in accordance with the philosophy of the Unified Physics, in order to bring them closer to the natural-language concepts of life, spirit, mind, and soul.

14) The last few weeks of the Copernican model of a Sun-centered Solar System

1. “New Horizons” spacecraft awakes
2. Copernican System
3. Kuiper Belt
4. The expected discovery by “New Horizons” Mission

11) Die Verantwortung der Wissenschaft
(Zitiert aus dem Buch von Dr. Klaus Volkamer, „Die Feinstoffliche Erweiterung unseres Weltbildes“)

Es ist letztlich die Verantwortung der Wissenschaft aber auch einer interessierten Öffentlichkeit, die hier nachfolgend vorgestellten Ergebnisse und damit aufgeworfene Frage der Aussagekraft des heutigen Wissenschaftsparadigmas sorgfältig zu prüfen. …

8) You have still your chance
Follow Buzz Aldrin onto a new land

You have still a chance to be the first man following me into the new world of science, the world, where the new holistic, uniform description of Nature became reality. There are many wise and bright people going there. But apparently the last step, to exceed one’s own limit, to cross the boundary between the old and the new paradigm, is the most difficult one.

7) What can our science learn from our religion?
We have to re-think just now

Three main points we are considering here are following:
1. The World has already changed
Since 1905, we all are citizens of the same, first global civilization on Earth.
2. What can our science learn from our religion?
Our monotheistic religion has been born as the adaptation of our previous polymorphic beliefs to our uniform understanding of Nature. In a similar way, our polymorphic science of the 20th century has to be replaced now with the Unified Physics, the first uniform description of the surely uniform Nature.
3. Beyond the paradigm boundary
We are standing on the new-paradigm side without our previous “physical body”. But we are completely free. Free to build our new “body” of physics without the diseases of the old one. Free to reach new wonderful horizons.

6) What is Life?
Our answer based on the new paradigm of the 21st century

Our world is changing. We all are members of the first global civilization living on Earth. This new situation requires new unifying ideas leading us towards a better understanding of our place in our cosmic environment, and our role in the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System.
What is life is one of the oldest questions of humanity. In this article we will use this important example in order to demonstrate the new way of thinking and the necessity to change our scientific paradigm as soon as possible.

5) No Evolution in Science without a Revolution in our Vision of the World
A new-paradigm physical guide for the Unified Medicine and the Unified Psychology

The article is meant to be a comment on two books summarizing our knowledge in medicine and psychology at the boundary between the old and new paradigm in science.
The book by James L. Oschman („Energy Medicine; The Scientific Basis“; Elsevier Limited 2000; ISBN: 978-0-443-06261-2) summarizes our knowledge about healing methods and processes from the beginning of the energetic treatment, through the energy fields of life, acupuncture, biofrequencies and related electromagnetic therapies up to the question: „Is the energy medicine the medicine of the future?“.
The book by Ewa Danuta Bialek („A Quantum Man; Building the basis for the unified treatment of the human health and education“; available in Polish as „Czlowiek kwantowy“; printed by Instytut Psychosyntezy; Warsaw, 2012; ISBN:978-83-63428-01-3) summarizes our knowledge on the field of the psychological and educational methods and tasks from the theory of evolution of a human being, through the different treatments of our consciousness, spiritual dimension of a man, up to the holistic treatment of a human being and its environment in education and medicine, also ending with a vision for the 21st century.

4) What is a paradigm in science and how it can be changed?
How to seek for a new paradigm in science

The main task of science is to try to describe the world around us and inside of us by means of some logically interconnected terms. The fundamental tool in this task is a vision of the world we try to describe. But what does it mean, to have a vision of our world? It means to have postulated a “background picture” of the scientific paradigm.
As an example of the visionary power of the new paradigm of the 21st century we present for the first time here the spiral structure of the periodic system of chemical elements revealing its connection to Fibonacci sequence of numbers.

3) How does the new scientific paradigm change our philosophy of life?
The new paradigm in twelve steps

The new paradigm has been formulated in twelve steps. Each of them differs radically from what we were used to think about our Universe till now.

2) The Spirit-Matter Quantum Partnership in our World
Quantum period creates spirituality, quantum area creates materiality; their simple product is quantum mass

The continuous evidence of some fundamental dualities in Nature suggests that also the undermost base of our physics, our scientific description of Nature, can be understood as a duality between the two main components of our reality, spirit and matter. This fundamental duality has to be found already on the level of a single quantum element of our world. As the eastern ancients teach us, such a fundamental duality cannot be realized as opposite polarity, but rather as a partnership originating from some unifying entity.
In the Unified Physics, our unified description of Nature, this unifying entity is the original creative potential, termed Unified Unity, situated at the center of the dynamical plane of the Unified Family of all physical quantities. The two partner-components of the description are the spiritual axis of time and the material axis of dimension. In our reality, there is no existence without some temporal (spiritual) component, without a quantum period, and there is no experience without some extended (material) component, without a quantum area. The whole observable Universe is a result of a quantized creation from the creating potential of the Universal Unity. The creation is never ending. And all creatures (including us as well as the stars and galaxies) are also co-creators of the Universe.