The main point of the New-Paradigm structure of our Solar System is that the Proto-Sun has been formed together with a second stellar object, probably a brown dwarf (called here Andrea-star) of about two percent of the total mass of the accretion disk. The global center of mass of the double-star system has collected a quantized part of the remaining mass of the accretion disk. Proto-Venus has been formed from that mass and it remains in that center for more than 7 Milliard years.

Our Solar-System structure; Tycho-Brahe’s vs Naturics (Unified-Physics) Paradigm.

Emerging Solar System; Hypothetical ideal (undisturbed) accretion.

Emerging Solar System; Typically observed (about 70%) disturbed accretion.

Emerging Solar System; Two centers of rotation become two centers of masses.

Emerging Solar System; Planetesimals begin to form two independent planetary systems.

Emerging Solar System; The formation of the Proto-Solar System ends.

The finished Proto-Solar System; Proto-Venus has been formed in the global center of mass.

The Earth’s present orbit around Venus and Sun simultaneously; the rosette construction.

The Earth’s present orbit around Venus and Sun simultaneously; the observed Earth’s positions between 2000 and 2012.

For more description of the actual evidence of the Venus-centered Solar System read Special Page 19. A further strong support for the Venus-centered Solar System or directly the pdf version.