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(p.7) However, as soon as we begin to comprehend, to grasp the meaning of our observations, we only see a wonderful sequence of happenings.

(p.8) However, this scientific version of the cosmic carousel of life is the same miraculous object of Nature as its religious counterpart. In fact, its existence is the single miracle I see, when I am considering Nature. All natural phenomena occurring inside the Cosmic Hierarchy seems to be perfectly deterministic.

(p.8) Someone not involved in science could perhaps think that our physics is also a kind of religion, a layman’s faith. However, it is not, and it is important to understand this fact before one is going to read this book.


(p.11) I would like to tell you a true story which does not happen to everyone and above all not daily, and so it could be of interest for many people, because we all are taking a part in the story.

(p.12) The consequences of the Unified Physics applied to our own life are even obvious to a layman, if one only knows, what one must pay attention to.

(p.12) I am going to tell you the story in a form of a comparison between my own knowledge – being based on the new paradigm in science – with the best knowledge I have ever read about in a single book, that still rested on the “old” paradigm of the 20th century.

(p.13) Colin Wilson is very serious in his book, and very optimistic that he is on the right path to very intriguing solution of the Atlantis mystery.

Chapter 1

Our vibrating Earth

(p.21) Although the very idea of the shifting Earth’s crust is revolutionary (remember, Hapgood’s book was published in 1958), it is not defined globally enough.

(p.21) Only when we succeed to demonstrate such a frequent repetition of the effect, we could be sure, the idea is a good candidate for the explanation of the temporary “local” observation concerning the very small part of the Earth’s life time around 10,000 years ago.

(p.22) The idea behind my model of the vibrating Earth is a relatively simple one. One of the last phases of the renewing process of the Solar System 3507 million years ago was a collision of the Proto-Earth with the rest of the Proto-Mars.

(p.26) But the most interesting consequence for our model is the conclusion that the collision also has to be understood as a kind of a musical accord for the entire Earth’s interior. The heavy, metallic Earth’s core started to swing along the Earth’s rotation axis in relation to the Earth mantle and the Earth’s crust as well.

(p.27) As we calculate in Appendix 1, the drift amplitude of thousands of kilometers can be observed indeed, but not in a few thousands of years but in a few millions of years.

(p.35) The result is perplexing indeed. Both Northern Canada and Northern Europe approach Greenland, and also Alaska approaches Asia. This means that during the life time of the recent species of the Genus Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis (living between 40,000 and 6,800 years ago), there had indeed existed natural land masses joining all northern continents. The Neanderthals could have been very good seafarers, as Hapgood and Wilson assumed, however, they had also the open land bridges to move on foot around the world.

(p.40) The tectonic plates of the Earth’s surface are dancing to the “music” of the vibration cube, indeed causing a sinking of whole continents in one part of the Earth’s surface and emerging of new islands and continents in another part. However, it can never happen ‘in day and a night’, as Colin Wilson (following Charles Hapgood) had assumed in his book.

Chapter 2

The lost Knowledge

(p.41) Colin Wilson has the same meaning, and I am also sure that the ancient knowledge can be forgotten. The last time this surely happened to our ancestors after the recent cosmic “tragedy” (the level-5 cosmic quantum jump) about 6800 years ago.

(p.43) This means that the Family Homo Erectus has “produced” at least 144 different species belonging to this family. Till now we have excavated some few teeth, skulls and bones, just a small part of the remnants of all those members of the huge family of Homo Erectus.

(p.44) Our own family has also a life expectation of 2.00209 million years, and should be able to “create” 12.14 new genera and over 144 species. However, since it has “started” just 337 thousand years ago, it has finished the creation of just two genera till now. We are the third genus that was “born” exactly 6818 years ago.

(p.44-45) The Genus Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis, as is our own, are the main subjects of the present book. This genus, living between 172 and 6.8 thousand years ago, had also managed to split into 12.14 consecutive species, every one of them living twice as long (13578 years) as our own species till today (between 6800 years ago and now). You have to remember this enormous difference, not only as you read this book, but also for the rest of your life.

(p.45) The Neanderthals had sufficient time to develop better and better civilizations, to develop better and better social, cultural, and religious sensitivity and scientific knowledge.

(p.45) We have to release the very advanced Cro Magnon men back to their own highly developed Genus Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis.

(p.49) All of us, living today on Earth, are children of one or another Atlantis, the recent civilization of the recent species of the Genus Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis.

(p.57) Our holistic treatment of the natural phenomena allows us to go even one step further as Flem-Ath and Wilson have done and ask what can we say about the dynamics of the energetic systems around the Sun, the Earth, or around our bodies. How stable are they in the course of time?

(p.59) I am convinced that the Atlants were able to feel the Earth’s energy cocoon (including the terrestrial meridians and chakras) also without satellites, just using their senses and their consciousness.

(p.62) Thus the Great Pyramid of Giza was a majestic “operational headquarters” communicating directly with God (or Gods) of the ancient Egypt, like much later and on a much smaller physical scale, the oracle of Delphi was for ancient Greeks. I think it is a grandiose idea, indeed.

Chapter 3

A Dance of two Old Partners

(p.69) In this Chapter, we are going to explain two further examples of the lost ancient knowledge. We have to describe these examples in more depth than the examples of the previous Chapter, because the problem has much greater significance for our entire life and science.

(p.69) First of them concerns the ancient knowledge about the special position of Venus in our Solar System. Still the relatively recent civilization of Maya (living parallel to the Roman civilization) did know about it. We ourselves are the first “great” civilization which has completely lost this important part of the ancient knowledge.

(p.73) Of course, we are able to observe the real motion of our planet along the rosette-orbit.

(p.74) I have already written many times in my books and in my Internet blogs about the reason, why has Venus been formed exactly in the global center of mass of the whole Solar System. Nevertheless, let me summarize this information once more for the new readers of my texts.

(p.76) But fortunately, the small Pluto is our solution. It revolves the two centers of mass of the primordial disturbed accretion disk simultaneously, giving us the necessary information, where is the center of mass of the Andrea-Star today.

(p.78) This double revolution is the reason why Pluto’s orbit is so much declined to the ecliptic, the plane in which Earth revolves around the Sun.

(p.84) These 247 illustrations of Venus, that meet themselves year after year, as individual pearls to a string of pearls on the sky, impress me again and again. Such a behavior cannot probably be explained with any other idea as with the existence of the mass of the Andrea-Star.

(p.85) The Andrea-Star, the small companion of our Sun, has “sacrificed” its own life to make possible the evolution of life on the Earth. Even the remnants of this star, and first of all its heart, Jupiter, are still protecting the terrestrial life, as we should become aware after the 1994 crash of Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet on its surface.

Chapter 4

The recent ‘Great’ Flood

(p.88) Our collective long-time-memory has been damaged by our modern civilization so strongly that we no longer can properly interpret the warning signals of Nature.

(p.88) In this context, the very fact that our species has saved over the last seven thousand years – in all our sagas and sacred books around the world – a lively recollection of a deluge catastrophe, means nothing other than that ancient catastrophe was simply an unbelievable horror for all then living people.

(p.91) However, the new discoveries, after 1987, have actualized also some of the higher hierarchy levels. We are lucky today to live in a very exciting era of the observational revolution caused by the technological development of better and better astrophysical equipment.

(p.94) Let us note in the table above that the “object” (just a conglomeration of different stars and cosmic clouds), which we usually have called Milky Way, traditionally considered as our “mother” galaxy, is very probably not a galaxy at all.

(p.98) When using this elongated scale of time we have also an opportunity to compare our theoretical diagrams with precise observations.

(p.99) As we see, the correlation of the long-term part A of the observed temperature change and also of the short-term part B, is excellent indeed.

(p.102) Lake Titicaca is probably a remnant of some much larger ancient sea. Similarly Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, and Black Sea are remnants of the ancient Paratethys Sea.

(p.104-105) Let us note that the example of “The Epic of Gilgamesh“, with its Flood story, and the mystery of the Sumerian civilization, both fit exactly to the times of the first civilization after the cosmic quantum jump, which I have called the Post-Atlants or simply “Atlantis survivors” civilization.

(p.105) Maybe the origin of Sumerian civilization is not such a mystery, if we are ready to think a little bit more globally, in accordance with the new holistic paradigm in science. Today we know for sure that our history does not begin in Sumer.

(p.106) How much more difficult it had to be for the “Atlantis survivors”, to imagine for themselves that their life conditions were shifted far away from the paradise reality that still existed shortly before the “Great” Flood.

Chapter 5

The lost Paradise

(p.107) Let us begin with a comparison of the ancient situation to a much later occurrence, although not so intense a happening. In that case we are able to compare the recorded details with the strength of the natural “catastrophe”.

(p.111) As we see, in the case of “Maya catastrophe” we do not need to take into consideration any cosmic influence other than the relatively small climatic fluctuation of that stream of the cosmic energy which had culminated in 509 CE.

(p.111) And now we begin to understand that a corresponding catastrophe following the cosmic quantum jump of level 5, at which the cosmic impacts of many cosmic projectiles at once has been confirmed through glaciology and oceanology, was an exceptional point in our evolution indeed. These extremely deadly happenings, with their disease risks for the surviving people and animals, together with climatic consequences for the plants and for biological environment, had had to be much more devastating to all then existing civilizations around the contemporary world than any other event since the first Neanderthals appeared on Earth.

(p.113) All the remaining “Ages of Man”, the Bronze Age, the Heroic Age, and the Iron Age (the present age of decline), are already the periods of life of our own Genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

(p.114) For example, the Vedic or ancient Hindu culture saw history as cyclical, composed of Yugas with alternating Dark and Golden Ages.

(p.116) The noted similarity of the cycles length between the ancient reports and our quantized cosmic scale of time is still more astounding, when we add also the another Indian interpretation of the past ages, the Brahma Kumaris.

(p.117) What we have graphically and numerical presented in our diagram above, has been already known for thousands of years, since the “Great” Flood catastrophe: the humans had lost their paradise and since then live in a continuous degradation of the human conditions.

(p.117-118) So far for the myths and legends. But what had really happened during the cosmic quantum jump around 6800 years ago, and with what physical and mental consequences for the survived individuals? This question now will be answered.

(p.119) Let us recall the consequences of the Chernobyl reactor catastrophe to the human health, especially bodies deformations and mental damage of all newborn children after the parents were exposed to the enormous energy “consumption” (so-called radioactive radiation).

(p.119) There was not a niche, nor a shelter, maybe with an exception of the deepest caves, far away from the seashore, where the people had a chance to survive.

(p.119-120) Nevertheless, we have also to assume that some of the newborn children in the life period of these Evolutionary Atlants were already born with quite new “mutations” of their bodies and minds. They were the first forerunners of the new genus of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

(p.120) Now all the previous catastrophes seemed to come at once. Every civilization still trying to live at the seashore has become erased in the course of minutes. Not unlike in Pompeii, where the victims had been covered (and their bodies conserved) with thick layers of volcanic ash, the sea waters had no conserving properties, therefore even the smallest bones of the flooded civilizations were lost relatively soon after the happenings. Only those larger groups of people living in mountain-, or jungle, or desert regions, and being fortunate to escape any direct hit by an exploding comet or some other “projectiles”, had got a chance to survive.

(p.120-121) If we try to imagine the situation in details, we will meet almost all the possibilities mirrored in the ancient myths and legends. We will find the explanation for human “creatures” with such deformations like just one eye (one eyed Cyclops), or four eyes (Argus Panoptes, the all seeing creature), with more than four limbs (Hecatoncheires, three giants with fifty heads and one hundred arms each of great strength), with deformed limbs (the goat legs of Pan, the Greek God of Nature), with bodies known today as conjoined twins (with more than one head; Chimera with three heads – lion, goat, and snake).

(p.121) They became monster in eyes of the remaining survivors because of their monstrous bodies and surely because of the mental damage, which was mirrored in mythology and legends by specific aspects of their characters.

(p.122) The fear of any contact of the new human beings with the monsters of previous ages was so strong that even in our medieval civilization every deformed body was readily condemned to isolation, if not to death. Maybe even the still present policy to hide any information about new discoveries of giants skeletons in thousands of places all around the Earth, is also the result of this ancient fear.

(p.122) But in order to wisely use these new technologies, we have to change our individual consciousness towards a global consciousness of the whole civilization.

(p.122-123) One of the first aims of this change has to be to stop the present degradation of the role of the fundamental unit of our civilization, the quantum of any human civilization, the healthy family, a family where the children have a possibility to grow in love and understanding between parents, grand-parents and siblings, or simply put, a possibility to thrive and prosper in love. If we should not become able to recreate the basic role of this natural unit in our life, we can freely forget any other plans concerning our “glorious” future. Our children upon becoming adults must have the will and the ability to bring up their own healthy families. Otherwise our civilization has no future.