… the Silso-Group of the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
They made possible the final adjustment of the Cosmic Timescale of the Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System.

About three decades ago I have started one of the fundamental projects applying the then emerging Unified Physics. It was the exact justification of the Cosmic Timescale in accordance with the best known data from the far and near Earth’s history. It was obvious that our Moon could only be formed at the beginning of the still running period of level 9 of the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System, 3506.7 million years ago. The second adjusting point was the extraordinary impact of a cosmic body on the Earth’s surface that has been correctly connected with the end-point of the era of dinosaurs on Earth. The enormous interest of scientists and non-scientists on that event resulted in a very exact estimation of the time-point of that impact. It has happened 64.975 million years ago. Finally, I needed also one point to adjust the more recent periods of the human history. Primarily I have supposed that the Tunguska Event from summer 1908 could be a proper adjusting point. There are some observational data suggesting the correctness of that choice. The strongest of them seemed to be the rapid enhancement of the seismic activity on Earth at the beginning of the 20th century (as shown in diagram below, Figure 1).

earthquakes since 1900

Figure 1. Annual number of the world-wide earthquakes with magnitude up 7 since 1900.

Keeping in mind those three adjusting points, I have calculated all necessary sub-periods of the Cosmic Timescale over the recent 3.5 milliard years of the Earth’s existence. However, the precision of the youngest estimation was not satisfactorily high, when confronted with the modern observations of the solar activity. Therefore I have also developed a computer program calculating the relative change of the energetic activity inside of the Solar System. It gave very precise reconstruction of all historically known warm and cold periods during the recent two millennia (as can be seen in Figure 2).

energy transfer over 200 solar cycles

Figure 2. Our theoretical diagram of the relative solar activity over 200 solar cycles (between 347 and 2520), divided into six cold (cyan-colored) and six warm (rose-colored) past periods.

The most noticeable in Figure 2 are two maximums, in year 779.6 and in year 1990.6. They result from the 1118-years long period of level 3 of the Cosmic Hierarchy included into the climate reconstruction. It is the lifespan of the evolutionary units I call civilizations, independent of the imprecise common meaning of it. The lower level 2, with its periods of 92 years, resulted in the remaining maximums of the reconstruction. Twelve of them are always located between two consecutive level-3 maximums, because of the scaling factor of 12.1428 of the Cosmic Hierarchy.

As we see in Figure 2, the reconstruction was really precise, but the situation concerning the 20th century was still not clear to me. It is because we all, who were living in the second half of 20th century, have experienced the obvious maximum of the global Earth’s temperature around the end of the century and not around the year 1908, preliminary assumed as the adjusting point of the recent cosmic jump of level 3. Thus I was forced to wait for some new observational confirmation of the real solar activity during the 20th century. And exactly such perfect confirmation came a few days ago from the Silso-Group of the Royal Observatory of Belgium. Silso means Sunspot Index and Long-term Solar Observations and is World Data Center for the production, preservation and dissemination of the international sunspot number. On their website we can find among “Products“, and among “Analyses” different graphics, which I have used to draw my diagrams 6 and 7 in the following article about the origin of our present First Global Civilization.

The new data finally explain why the right choice for the third adjusting point of the Cosmic Timescale of the Unified Physics should be the year 1989 indeed, as suggested by our own personal experience. One of the first direct conclusions of that shift of the adjusting point is that our children, younger today than 28, are all members of the new evolutionary civilisation. We have to understand their “novelty” and support their proper development. It is because they alone, the young generation of today (and not our naturally going to become extinct generation of yesterday) will decide, which direction our human evolution will follow during the entire third millennium.