Dr Ervin Laszlo, “Following The New Paradigm”; interview by Mirela Sula (Global Woman founder).
It is a newest example how clever questions result in a clear explanation of even the most difficult problems of humanity.

Below is a short excerpt from the closing questions and answers of the interview.

According to you, how do we need to prepare ourselves for life in the new consciousness?
If we understand who we “really” are, that is all the preparation we need. Because then the rest will follow.
In the last interview we had together you emphasised that “There is still hope for humanity”. What do you think might happen in the world over the next 10 years?
We are facing more, and major rapidly unfolding challenges than anyone would ever have thought. We are already in the midst of the basic transformation in science we call a paradigm shift, and in society a bifurcation. In such a situation we are shifted beyond what we were, into something else. New horizons open. If we perceive them, we can act on them. For me it is a great and wonderful sign, a sign of hope, that more and more people recognise that the old paradigm is receding and we are on the threshold of something new – a new world.
What would be your message to the world and the audience of Global Woman?
To rejoice that you live today, in this period of unparalleled, even if in many ways unpredictable change. A period when we have the chance to create a new world because we can no longer live in the old… To be one of the architects of a new world is the greatest challenge, and also potentially the greatest joy anyone could ever imagine and wish for.

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Let me give here just a short comment to the Laszlo’s philosophy. For me too …

“it is a great and wonderful sign, a sign of hope, that more and more people recognise that the old paradigm is receding and we are on the threshold of something new – a new world.”

The question arises, in which historical perspective should we see the present paradigm change?

Let us imagine the historical, social, and cultural transition between the New-Egypt Civilisation and the Greek Civilisation about 3380 years ago, then the similar transition from Greek to Roman Civilisation about 2260 year ago, and next the transition from Roman to European Medieval Civilisation around 1150 years ago. Every of those transitions lasted about hundred years before the theoretical transition-point (compare the diagram below) has been reached, and it lasted a second century after that, before the new Civilisation could establish itself for the next thousand years. Our present paradigm change is an integral part of the present transit from the Medieval Civilisation to our First Global Civilisation. Its theoretical point could become recently actualised in the Unified Physics as 1st November 1989. The entire 20th century, with its dramatic and tragic course, was the comparative period of expiration of the Medieval Civilisation. The time after the end of the “cold war”, till about 2090 should be considered as the time of the practical creation of our First Global Civilisation. As Ervin Laszlo emotionally says:

“And that the new world is ours to create. If we create it with understanding, empathy, and what today’s women and young people call “unconditional love” the new world will be bright. Not just surviving, but flourishing, for us as humans, as humankind, and as a part of the web of life that, on this planet, is a particularly open and promising part of the universe.”

Let us follow this wonderful vision.