New observational techniques lead always to new ways of the data interpretation. One of the most exciting new observational techniques in astrophysics is a method used to analyse galaxy movements to distinguish their peculiar (structural) motion from the traditionally assumed global cosmic expansion. This new method (called Wiener filtering) shows mass-flow patterns across the cosmic space.

One of the new discoveries has been commented here yesterday (Hot News on 4th February 2017). The authors of those discovery (named “The Dipole Repeller“) has also published a following photo of their analysis (to be seen for example in their report commented by International Business Times from 2nd February 2017).

The main structure on that photo is the 2014 defined Laniakea Supercluster, which should be a superstructure subsuming the previously defined superclusters Virgo and Great Attractor, both being direct members of level 7 and 8 of our Cosmic Hierarchy. However we are not discussing here the necessity of the new definition of Laniakea (and Shapley Supercluster). We wish to direct the attention of all of us on a cosmic curiosity, a mysterious correlation of the observed shape of the Laniakea structure with a shape of a skull of ancient giants inhabiting the Earth until a few thousand years ago (compare for example the books by Patrick Chouinard and by Richard J. Dewhurst).

Click to see the animation

It is clear, the animation is just a joke, a coincidence, however a mysterious one. Especially if we compare it with our recent article on our Laszlo-Institute page entitled “Anthropogenic modulation of our cosmic environment“.

And still more astonishing, if you have previously clicked on our Cosmic-Hierarchy link, you maybe have noted that the velocity given on the animation background picture as “Local Group motion” of 631 km/s toward the Great Attractor equals exactly what we calculate theoretically as a sum of the relative velocity of our Cosmic-Hierarchy quantum of level 7 (of Virgo Cluster, being a satellite of the Great Attractor; of 583.48 km/s) and that of level 3 (of Orion Complex towards the traditionally assumed center of Milky Way – in reality being Omega Centauri Cluster – of 48.051 km/s): 583.48 Km/s + 48.051 km/s = 631.531 km/s. Also this second coincidence has to be studied and understood more carefully in the near future.