The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research has published its newest e-book:
Beyond Fear and Rage; New Light from the Frontiers of Science and Spirituality”
A Manifesto by the Authors of “What is Reality?”; The New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness”
with Comments from The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (edited by Ervin Laszlo; 2017).

From Foreword by William and Gayle Gladstone

“The time for complacency is long past. The time for conventional thinking is also past. …
This book is a call to action. It is a compendium of inspirational messages by many of the
thought leaders of our time and it offers meaningful direction for the dialogues that must take
place if we are to overcome the fear and the rage of many layers of the population, and the
blunders of those who have been entrusted with making choices in government, education,
health, technology, economics, and social welfare—choices that will determine the future of
wellbeing on this planet. We must find new ways to collaborate and communicate, so as to
create a just, robust, flourishing system for all of us who are fortunate to be part of the
expanding consciousness now manifesting on this planet.”

I, Peter Jakubowski (P.J.), will attend in this search for “the new ways to collaborate and communicate, so as to create a just, robust, flourishing system for all of us”, especially for the young generation called Millennials. One of the commenting persons from The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research is a member of this young generation, Nóra Csiszar, Institute’s Director for Communications and Public Relations. I would like to answer here to her very interesting questions and comment her own message for our older generations. (link to Nora’s full text).

At the beginning of her comment Nora Csiszar (N.C.) writes:

“Older generations condemn the Millennials, even though they are a large and diverse group of talented and hard-working individuals not all that different from those who came before them.”

(P.J.) Dear Nóra, I hope you are wrong! I hope the most of you are very “different from those who came before” you. If the human evolution should not become finished, you have to go on the next higher level of our civilizatory development. Try to be as different as possible.

N.C. writes next:

“Millennials are both idealistic and pragmatic, they know that they will be around long enough to have to deal with such issues.”

(P.J.) You are totally right! It is your life! We can only support you, or we (I mean, some of us) can continue to rip off as many as possible until we are finally dead. Nobody takes his stolen goods with him in grave, but the time you have lost through our “resistance” to accept your priority in the very near future cannot be given to you back any more.


“Well, as a member of a generation that has no problem speaking its mind and questioning the “truths” and expectations of the previous generation, I offer here my message.

We of the Millennial generation are full of passion, excitement, and uniqueness. We are carving our own paths and our own way of doing things. We are fearless, bold, and know that we have amazing opportunities to make a positive difference in the world by having our voice heard and our ideas brought to realization. We also have an incredible access to information. We can become really passionate about something, learn a great deal about it, and then go after it. We don’t just want to hear others talk about how things were always done. We are interested in how things actually work…and how they could work better. Millennials are ready to go out and find their passion; they really want to change the world. They have hope for a better future. And hope is always a good thing. … We set high standards for ourselves, and because of that we get insecure and worry that our own hard work will not be enough to make a difference.”

(P.J.) Don’t worry, you have the strongest ally of all possible on your side; it is time! It has functioned 65 million years ago (cosmic jump of level 7), when the strongest tyrants ever (Tyrannosaurus Rex) disappeared, it has functioned between 9 and 7 thousand years ago (cosmic jump of level 5), when the terrible creatures known from mythology (but really existing then) had hunted after the first children of our own Species, and it will also work today (during the present cosmic jump of level 3), when some dictators and criminals are still misusing Millennials to kill others or to become killed for their own criminal “business”.


“Hopefully, we the Millennials who are now living through the turbulence of the latest elections will soon be candidates for political office in the future and will change how things are done, working together for shared goals. We will be able to do so, because we accept people of different races, sexual identities and religions, embracing the differences among them. We are the least judgmental generation. We accept new norms and refuse to live in a segregated, sexist, racist, homophobic and xenophobic world.”

(P.J.) It will be a good beginning, indeed!


“We Millennials are a lot more informed than any previous generation has been, thanks to the new media. The Internet has not only connected the world around us as never before, but has also provided us with seemingly unlimited information and the capacity to share it. With the amount of information and data that are now available, we can bring about a real change for the better in the world.”

(P.J.) And don’t forget the next true power of your generation. Probably 90% or more of the software developers are Millennials. You cannot be cheated by means of Internet or other electronic media.

N.C. ends her comment with:

“Don’t worry, we will fix it, but we need the cooperation of all living generations in order to pull together and do it!”

(P.J.) If Stephan Schwartz is right in his comment, it would be enough to have obtained the cooperation of only 10% of us oldies (:-).

Thank you for reading.