This is a list of articles by Peter Jakubowski concerning the topic of “Global Medicine”, published on this website until December 2016
(ordered chronologically)
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Energy transfer in our body. Energy transfer in our body from the Unified-Physics point of view.

Illness and energy transfer. Illness and the disturbed energy transfer in our body are really two faces of the same coin.

Healing and energy transfer. Healing and the restoration of the body`s energy transfer are really two faces of the same coin.

It is the proper time to change right now!; to change our physics, our medicine, our consciousness, and our civilization.

Diagnose: unheilbar krank. Und, was nun?

Set books for all energy therapists. (Pflichtlektüre für alle Energiemediziner und Naturheiler)

Energiemedizin – ein konstruktiver Überblick.